Art and Photography

See new and established Virginia visual artists
 showcasing their gallery worthy exhibits!

You will find art for any room of your house. Acrylic paintings over a collage background and watercolor/pastel drawings of local scenes. Custom children's name plaques and paintings to welcome your new little one or to enhance your "bigger" little one's unique space.

Dyche Designs

Whether you're into original art, crafts or searching for a gift, there's something for everyone. So stop a while, meander through the pages of my shop, take in the sights, dream, laugh and dance along the way and lets see if we can find you something you truly love and connect with.

Where you will find my artwork and other hand crafted items that don't really fit in my other two shops.  Feel free to contact me at any time.   You can see my hand crafted wood items at or my hand crafted jewelry designs at will combine shipping should you purchase more than one item from any of my shops if they will be going to the same address.  I will be happy to take special orders for items from any of my shops. Contact me anytime at with any questions you may have. 
Thank you for shopping Virginia and I hope to be of service to you real soon.

All gocco prints are handmade by me and my husband, inspired by my time in Japan and my love of graphic design. All other images and photographs are taken and/or created by me.

Postal Treats

I have always been creative but it wasn't until I picked up a camera that I became DANGEROUSLY creative. My experiences have made a professional in crossing bloody mosh pits, traveling with strangers and executing a PMA. I do photography and design (branding, logo work, etc) for other Etsy shops.

I am more interested in what we remember than what we see. Memory is an active process. We re-interpret and re-construct every time we re-member. What drives this re-interpretation? I believe that when we see, we take away some key aspect of what's in front of us, whether it is color, or texture, or shape, and when we remember the scene, we fill the details with our imagination.