Monday, April 5, 2010

Flux Imagery: Illustration, Photography & More

Our featured guest Etsy artist for this week is Erika from Flux Imagery which is based in Denver. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. Erika shares her experience as a new Etsy shop owner. Welcome Erika!

Please tell us a little something about yourself...
Hi there! I am Erika Barriga. I’m originally from California but moved to Colorado almost 20 years ago, so I call Denver home now. I illustrate and print my illustrations part-time at the moment. A simple clean design with pleasing shapes is usually what comes out of my digital art.

Photography, fashion, and interior design are a few of my other interests. My favorite things: going somewhere far away with my husband, enjoying the sunshine with my family, and new music discoveries.

Please tell us about your art and business...
It’s hard for me to describe my art. I have had friends call it whimsical, funny, simple and graphic. I’ll stick with those descriptions too! I sketch all the time and carry my moleskine everywhere. I’m blessed to have a husband that lets me take over the office we share. I can zone out in my own little world for hours.

Right now my business is small and inventory is low in my shop but I am going to update it to the brim bit by bit. I have had great customers and wonderful feedback so far. I’m so excited for the future.

Please tell us what items you love the most from your Etsy shop...
I love all of my prints for different reasons. If I had to choose a print that I love the most right now, I would choose “The Caterpillar” because of the storytelling. I wonder what they are talking about and would love to be there too. If that makes sense.

Tell us something interesting about you which not a lot of people know about...
I am a scared-dy cat. I do not like scary movies; I had never seen Dracula until last week. I really don’t like them. Oh and roller coasters too, can’t stand them.

Do you have a real “day job”, what is it, do you love it OR do you dream of quitting your day job and doing art full time on Etsy? Yes, I have a full-time left-brain telecommunications job. Completely opposite of my creative side which can be a positive at times. My dream is to create full time on Etsy and work out of my home.

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