Thursday, July 15, 2010

For Those Who Love Christmas But Just Can't Wait

Everyone loves Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone seem to be more open to bringing a little cheer to each other. People seem a little kinder to their neighbors. We seem to have a little bounce in our steps.

Maybe it is because we know the season is about giving and sharing. Maybe it is because some of us get a free pass to indulge in a little more treats and sweets. Or, maybe just maybe, it is ALSO because we get to do a LOT of guilt-free shopping!

Well, for those of you who just can't wait another long and agonizing six months until December, there is an Etsy solution we offer. It is called Christmas in July!

Yes, Christmas shopping in July is now in vogue. Now mind you, Etsy did not invent this little trend. Christmas in July has been around ever since there has been down turns in the economy, or even just a little slack in retail sales. This is a wonderful marketing invention which is there to help Etsy shops get through the summer doldrums. And, by helping them get through the summer, they are helping us shoppers save a little and start shopping early. Yes, this is a marketplace wide sale on

Whoa! Wait! Can you please repeat that? You mean OUR favorite marketplace is having a store-wide SALE? What is this that you speak of? How can I take advantage of this? How can I find the great deals waiting for me? How do I know if my favorite Virginia shop is participating in this wonderment?

So, here’s some answers. Go to On the search bar, search for “christmasinjuly", "christmas in july ", or "cij" (apostrophes not necessary). Shops which are having a sale will pop up! Yes, it is that simple.
To find Virginia Shops, type "vaetsy".

However, for easier Christmas in July Sale shopping, CLICK on the links below and support your favorite Virginia Etsyer Shop!
P.S. By the way, don’t forget to also buy your loved ones their gifts early :)

Participating Virginia SHOPS Pictured Above
All Things Wood - wood carved gifts and novelties
Barn Owl Primitives - lettered signs, famous wooden snowmen, fabulous sayings
BG's Studio 13 - unique jewelry
Dyche Designs - mixed media paintings, handmade bags, general gift shop
Eternal Autumn - specialty jewelry
Fine Heart - handmade and custom jewelry
Kate and Violet - currently on vacation but please bookmark
MB Chills - patterns, sewing related supplies and vintage finds
Rebecca's Soap Deli - shea butter and cocoa butter soaps made from scratch
Taylor DV - handmade wallets, travel cases and fabric accessories

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  1. Thanks for featuring my art and bag. Great post and so informative. Wishing everyone lots of summer sales.